Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery - RCSEng

Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery - RCSEng

This three-day course allows surgical trainees who have completed basic surgical training to expand their skillset.

You will take part in a wide range of practical sessions to learn more advanced surgical techniques, focusing on the essential skills needed in emergency circumstances.

This course is mapped to the ISCP syllabus for General Surgery ST3/ST4 intermediate stage.


After attending this course, you should be able to:

Demonstrate sound practice in bowel anastomosis in a variety of techniques
Carry out a difficult access sutured anastomosis, to include anterior and submucosal
Form a variety of viable stomas, taking into consideration incision and possible complications
Carry out side-to-side and transverse stapling anastomosis
Carry out emergency arterial closure and vein patching
Carry out a hand-sewn end-to-end anastomosis
Discuss the use of energy sources and demonstrate their safe use
Carry out a laparoscopic appendectomy with due regard to surrounding tissue
Practice the repair of a femoral hernia on porcine model


Wed, Mar. 22 - Sat, Mar. 25, 2017


Royal College of Surgeon England
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
London WC2A 3PE