Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium

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Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium

We are pleased to announce the first Lower Limb Endovascular Symposium which will be held on Friday 20th October at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham

The aim of the meeting is to bring together experts and clinicians from a varied background with an interest in developing and enhancing their lower limb endovascular practice. The emphasis is on current evidence, common practical approaches, as well as bail out strategies. The meeting aims to stimulate debate and guide the future direction of lower limb endovascular therapies.

The symposium will include talks on the following:

Setting Up A Lower Limb Practice

  • How I set up a Lower Limb Practice Considerations & Pitfalls
  • Getting the most out of the Hybrid Room Fusion Imaging in the Lower Limb
  • Setting up a Daycase Peripheral Intervention Service

Iliac Disease

  • How I approach Aorto-Iliac CTOs
  • Difficult Iliac Cases & Bailout Strategies
  • Management of In-stent Restenosis

Femoro-popliteal Disease (I)

  • Strategies to deal with calcification in the SFA
  • Endovascular Treatment of Common Femoral Artery Lesions Wheres the Evidence?
  • Subintimal versus Intraluminal for SFA lesions which is best?
  • Whats new wires, catheters & balloons

Femoro-popliteal Disease (II)

  • POBA vs DCB vs Stenting for Femoropopliteal Disease Current Evidence
  • Tackling Bypass Graft stenosis endovascular or surgery?
  • DEBATE: Popliteal aneurysms: stenting is best
  • The Elution Revolution: My strategy with Zilver PTX stenting for SFA lesions
  • Difficult Cases & Bailout Strategies
  • BASIL-3 Update

BTK Disease

  • My approach to BTK lesions
  • Angiosomes versus In-line flow which is the best strategy?
  • Is there a role for DCB and DCS in BTK lesions?
  • Difficult Cases & Bailout Strategies, incl. Safari technique
  • Role of Hybrid Techniques in the Lower Limb
  • Challenges in Planning Interventions (Duplex, CTA and MRA)
  • Getting the most from C02 Angiography


Fri, Oct. 20, 2017

Event has ended


Hyatt Regency Hotel
2 Bridge Street
Birmingham B1 2JZ
United Kingdom