Position description
Vascular Surgery Senior Registrar Feb 2019-Jan 2020
Western Health
Melbourne, Australia
Vascular Surgery Training Post in a busy metropolitan teaching hospital network providing the full
range of open vascular surgery and endovascular interventions, a Diabetic Foot Service and
Reno-vascular dialysis access service. The hospital network of 4 campuses services a
population of around 1,000,000 people spread over a catchment area of 1,569 square km.
The position is full time for 12 months with on call commitments working with a General Surgical
Registrar Trainee and two residents. There are 6 vascular surgeons working with the unit.
There are 7 operating lists, and 1 angio list per week as well as the emergency workload. We
have a weekly outpatient session on Wednesday afternoons with unit meeting, radiology meeting
and Grand Round. Endovascular aneurysm work is performed in a radiology hybrid suite where
much of the peripheral angio work is also performed.
We are seeking a Senior Registrar on a Vascular Surgery Training Program, of a Fellow in Vascular
Surgery who is looking to enhance their experience. A potential applicant would need to gain
accreditation to work in Australia and be eligible for temporary registration as a medical
practitioner. The hospital can help facilitate this process.
Anyone interested should contact Head of Unit: Bernard Allard  bernard.sarah@bigpond.com or bernard.allard@wh.org.au.