Medical Student Essay Competition


Closing Date 28th October 2018

•You can choose to enter the essay prize session by entering original work, in answer to one of the three questions detailed below

•You can only enter one piece of work each

•The essay, literature review and discussion are limited to 1500 words, excluding references

•The essay should be written, presented and referenced (Vancouver style) accordingly

•Essays will be marked from a standardised marking scheme 

•Submissions will be marked by a panel convened by the Vascular Society Council and the Rouleaux Executive Committee in a blinded manner and scores collated

•An acknowledgment of entry will be sent to all participants, with a certificate of commendation for those scoring highly.  The top scorer from each essay question will be awarded a winning certificate and a prize at the VSASM in November 2018. They will also be printed in the VS newsletter and published on the Rouleaux website.

•There will be free registration to the VSASM for all entrants and the opportunity to take part in a medical student training day.




Explain why, in each of the last 3 years, in the UK we have repaired fewer aortic aneurysms than in the previous year?


Is endovascular surgery the greatest surgical development of the modern era?


Intermittent claudication: with limited resources for supervised exercise programmes how can we remotely monitor patients’ progress?