Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patient Reported Outcome Measures Study (AAAPROMS)

We are extremely please to announce the "Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patient Reported Outcome Measures Study" (AAAPROMS), an upcoming National project run by Dr Lewis Peake and Prof Rob Hinchliffe.
The aim of AAAPROMS is to collect data concerning quality of life in patients with AAA, both pre- and post- surgical repair. The secondary aim is to see if there is a measurable difference in quality of life between patients undergoing EVAR or open repair. We are looking to recruit from specialist vascular centres in England over 18 months, with a project start date target of January 2017 (pending confirmation of ethics approval). Relevant clinical information to contextualise the PROM data will be accessed via the National Vascular Registry.

As a Local Investigator, your responsibilities will be to:

- Act as a point of contact for your trust with the study team in Bristol and for purposes of IRAS form submission

- Complete the relevant local R+D approval forms, including consultant approval (relevant documentation including the study protocol will be provided to supplement this)

- Identify patients (probably easiest done in a pre-op clinic) and consent them for the study (PIL's and Consent Form's will be provided)

- Forward participants contact information to the study team in Bristol, once consented

Prof Hinchliffe's team will then distribute the AAA-specific PROM tool and EQ5D pre-operatively and at 3- and 12- month post op. You will not be asked to follow up patients beyond the consent stage, but you will be asked to ensure patients that have passed away are reported to the team to avoid them being sent questionnaires.

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with a MultiCentre Collaborative study

Register your intrest at the below link