Feedback for Trainees from SAC Meeting 6th June 2018

Items discussed

  • ·         Results of End of Year Survey and Triangulation of Liaison member, TPD and survey results

o   End of year survey questions to be incorporated into JCST survey from 2018 onwards

  • ·         Elogbook update and update to SAC indicative reports

o    in progress, may not get a true reflection of number of cases at ARCPs this year due to the upgrade

  • ·         Improving Surgical Training

o   GS core trainees will be able to transfer to vascular if meet benchmarking level at ARCP at end of ST2

  • ·         ASpIRE Courses

o   ST3-7 ASpIRE course have run this year with good feedback and should continue to run

o   ASpIRE 8 set to run next year

  • ·         NICE provisional guidelines on AAA Management

o   Discussion on impact of training

o   Vascular SAC opinions will be represented by the JCST who is a registered Stakeholder in the consultation process


Trainee Issues Raised

  • ·         Possibility of TIG for renal transplant

o   no more funding for TIGs

o   Should be possible through curriculum

o   Approach TPD early to incorporate a year of renal transplant training

o   Other option is Senior Clinical fellowships (similar to BSET fellowships)

o   Post CCT fellowship

  • ·         Competence Vs time for CCT

o   Each deanery will produce its own guidance

o   CCT can be no more than a year earlier than planned

o   Trainee needs to notify ARCP panel and TPD minimum of 12 weeks before ARCP and evidence will be reviewed.

  • ·         Study budget changes

o   The courses that are funded will depend on the deanery and what the TPD stated were mandatory for CCT/ Training

o   There will be some discrepancy between regions

o   I advised that it should be standardised across the country

o   Ultimately it will be up to the TPD and how long the study budget for the region lasts!

  • ·         Run through numbers

o   Not yet confirmed how many

o   Waiting for GS curriculum to be approved prior to rewrite of the Vascular curriculum so recruitment on hold until this is approved

o   Likely 2019 start

o   Locations yet to be confirmed but Deaneries/sites can only bid for VS IST post if they have been approved for GS IST (limits places available)

SAC requests to trainees

§  Trainees need to be proactive in registering for the correct ASpiRE course, booking study leave/ accommodation and transport etc.