We are conducting a survey looking at trainee and consultant views and perceptions towards non techinical skills in a surgical setting. The main aim is to assess understanding of surgical errors and to discover attitudes towards Non Technical Skills in Surgery (NOTSS) - a behavioural rating scale designed to allow structured feedback on non technical aspects of performance during surgery.

NOTSS has recently been incorporated into ISCP as a worked based assessment and shows good validity and reliability as a tool. Our aim is to roll out NOTSS to all surgical trainees at our trust initially - this has not been done so far on a wider scale. Hopefully our data would provide a case for its wider use by trainees nationally. We aim to complement this with a series of high fidelity simulation courses which would be available to surgical trainees and trainers.  

I wonder if you could help to distribute the below survey to all your trainees and consultants:


The survey is anonymous and will only take TWO MINUTES to complete. We would like to hear from all trainees and consultants.